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Your patients will Feel the Ferralet® 90 difference

Formulated with your patients’ comfort in mind.

Formulated with your patients’ comfort in mind.

Ferralet® 90 Savings

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Is Ferralet® 90 indicated for all anemias?

Ferralet® 90 is indicated for the treatment of all anemias that are responsive to oral iron therapy (for instance: hypochromic anemia associated with pregnancy, chronic and/or acute blood loss, metabolic disease, postsurgical convalescence, and dietary needs).1

Ferralet® 90 should be taken as a once-daily tablet, two hours after a meal. As such, some patients prefer bedtime dosing. Tablets should not be chewed.1

Two complimentary iron sources

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Does Ferralet® 90 offer fewer gastrointestinal (GI) side effects?

GI side effects are a common problem associated with oral iron therapy.2

Ferralet® 90 with Ferr-Ease® was formulated to make iron therapy as gentle and comfortable as possible for your patients.2

Dual-iron for complementary absorption

Ferr-Ease® dual-iron formulation contains both ferrous gluconate and carbonyl iron1:

  1. Ferrous gluconate (Fe2+) enters the body in the ferrous state, ready for quick and optimal dissolution and absorption to start restoring your patients’ vital iron levels.3
  2. Particulate carbonyl iron (Fe0) requires conversion from its elemental form to the soluble ionized form (Fe0+ 2H+Cl→Fe2+Cl2 + H2). It is naturally regulated by the patients’ production of gastric acid for gradual absorption.4 Overall, the bioavailability of carbonyl iron is similar to ferrous salts but carbonyl iron has less GI side effects.4
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30-70% of patients on oral iron supplements report GI side effects, which may lead to poor adherence to treatment.2

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Did you know that Ferralet® 90 contains a gentle and effective stool softener (50 mg docusate sodium) that helps prevent constipation that might occur in patients sensitive to iron therapy.5

What is the Ferralet® 90 wholesale information?

Below is the information for Ferralet® 90:

  • NDC 0178-0089-90
  • Packaged in bottles of 90
  • Film-coated tablets
Wholesaler Order Entry Numbers
AmerisourceBergen 10008969
Cardinal Health, Inc 4278834
McKesson Corp 1600634
Morris & Dickson Co. 028886
NC Mutual Wholesale Drug 777276
Smith Drug 634196
Valley Wholesales 378927
Value Drug Co. 497040


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